Getting Started

This is the manual for older MicroStream versions (Version < 5.0).

The new documentation (Version >= 5.0) is located at:



Hello World

CachingProvider provider     = Caching.getCachingProvider();  
CacheManager    cacheManager = provider.getCacheManager();   
MutableConfiguration<Integer, String> configuration = new MutableConfiguration<>()  
    .setTypes(Integer.class, String.class)   
Cache<Integer, String> cache = cacheManager.createCache("jCache", configuration); 
cache.put(1, "Hello World"); 
String value = cache.get(1); 

1) Get the default CachingProvider implementation from the application’s classpath. This method will work if and only if there is only one JCache implementation available in the classpath. If there are multiple providers then use the fully qualified name Caching.getCachingProvider("one.microstream.cache.CachingProvider") instead.

2) Get the default CacheManager instance using the provider.

3) Create a cache configuration using MutableConfiguration 4) with key type and value type as Integer and String respectively 5) configured to store the cache entries by reference (not by value) 6) and with an expiry time of one minute defined for entries from the moment they are created.

7) Using the cache manager, create a cache named jCache with the configuration created in step 3.

8) Put some data into the cache

9) And retrieve it.

The same can be done using MicroSteam's CacheConfiguration API. This time we use a EmbeddedStorageManager as a backing store for the cache.

EmbeddedStorageManager storageManager = EmbeddedStorage.start();
CachingProvider provider     = (one.microstream.cache.CachingProvider)Caching.getCachingProvider();  
CacheManager    cacheManager = provider.getCacheManager();   
CacheConfiguration<Integer, String> configuration = CacheConfiguration
			.Builder(Integer.class, String.class, "jCache", storageManager)
Cache<Integer, String> cache = cacheManager.createCache("jCache", configuration); 
cache.put(1, "one"); 
String value = cache.get(1); 

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