Storage Files and Directories

This is the manual for older MicroStream versions (Version < 5.0).
The new documentation (Version >= 5.0) is located at:
Using a Storage Live File Provider ( allows to specify the location and naming rules for all storage related files.
available properties are:
  • BaseDirectory The Microstream storages location base directory. Contains channel directories and type dictionary file.
  • DeletionDirectory If configured, the storage will not delete files. Instead of deleting a file it will be moved to this directory.
  • TruncationDirectory If configured, files that will get truncated are copied into this directory.
  • ChannelDirectoryPrefix Channel directory prefix string
  • StorageFilePrefix Storage file prefix string
  • StorageFileSuffix storage file extension
  • TransactionsFilePrefix transactions file prefix
  • TransactionsFileSuffix transaction file extension
  • TypeDictionaryFileName filename of the type dictionary
StorageFileNameProvider fileNameProvider = StorageFileNameProvider.Builder()
.setDataFilePrefix ("canal_")
.setDataFileSuffix (".bin")
.createFileNameProvider ()
NioFileSystem fileSystem = NioFileSystem.New();
StorageLiveFileProvider fileProvider = Storage
.FileProviderBuilder (fileSystem)
.setDirectory (fileSystem.ensureDirectoryPath(WORKINGDIR))
.setDeletionDirectory (fileSystem.ensureDirectoryPath(DELETIONDIR))
.setFileNameProvider (fileNameProvider)
.createFileProvider ()