System Requirements

Supported JDKs

Tested and officially supported JDKs:


Supported Versions

Oracle JDK

8, 11, 12

OpenJDK Build by Oracle

8, 11, 12

AdoptOpenJDK (HotSpot / OpenJ9)

8, 11, 12

Red Hat OpenJDK

8, 11, 12

Amazon Corretto

8, 11

Azul Zulu

8, 11, 12

Bellsoft Liberica

8, 11, 12


11, 12


8, 11, 12

In theory MicroStream is compatible with all JDK distributions from Version 8 on.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Every desktop or server operating system which the supported JVMs are available for.

  • Android is still in development.

Third Party Libraries

MicroStream itself doesn't have any dependencies to other libraries whatsoever. So you don't have to worry about potential conflicts in your environment. This was a matter of choice of ours to keep the life of the developers using MicroStream as simple as possible. On the other hand feel free to include any dependencies you need, MicroStream will play along well, e.g. a logging framework of your choice.